Best Small Bathroom Ideas

Best Small Bathroom Ideas

Many of us are dreaming about having a luxury bathroom in our house, but the reality is that we have to find the best small bathroom ideas for our home. A small bathroom does not mean that we can not do anything about it. But, because of the small bathroom that we have, we can maximise its potential by redesigning our tiny bathroom.

Best Small Bathroom Ideas
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Nowadays, people are not only considering finding the best interior decoration ideas for bedroom but also try to discover what is the best thing to do to make the small bathroom more convenient to use just like the glamorous one. This article will give some of the best small bathroom ideas from all over the world.

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Use glass

Glass makes the interior of your small bathroom become more luxurious than before. Also, when you choose white marble for your bathroom tiles wall, it will give your small space a glamour. Your small bathroom will look elegant but straightforward.

Hexagonal tiles

The second thing that you can do over your small bathroom is changing the shape of your tiles wall to hexagonal shape. Unconsciously, a hexagonal pattern will add interest to your small bathroom in front of your guests, especially.

Streamlined approach

You can try to paint your small bathroom with white colour and change the way you use your old small bathroom wall with a streamlined approach. A streamlined approach that I said here is a vertical theme over your tiles wall in your small bathroom. A vertical theme adds the perspective of more massive and taller in your small bathroom. Hence it is the perfect idea to make your limited bathroom space higher.

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Paint halfway

By choosing to paint the bathroom halfway, it gives the illusion of height. Try to opt a darker colour for the bottom side of the wall, while for the upper side, you can choose a brighter colour like white colour to create an impression of distance from below. This idea is quite simple but has a significant effect of making your small bathroom look more substantial and higher.

Multifunctional furniture

Since your bathroom is quite narrow and small, you have to be wise in choosing what furniture you should put in your small bathroom. Do not make your bathroom smaller and narrower by choosing inappropriate furniture for your tiny bathroom. You can try to purchase freestanding furniture to save much of your small bathroom. By having freestanding furniture, you can set it up wherever you want inside your toilet. This idea is one of the best small bathroom ideas.