Living Room

How to Design Your Own Living Room

Living room is a room where you could do anything. You could just relax and lounge around with or without your loved ones. It is also a room where you could host a party, watching television and so much more. Knowing that, it is essential to design living room or design your dream room that could cater your overall needs. Moreover, living room area has to be comfortable and it also should be your ultimate destination on your room. Hence here are tips and trick of how to design your own living room.

How to Design Your Own Living Room
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Where to place furniture ?

Be mindful where you will place your furniture. When you have the space on your living room, especially in through the living room, you could organize furniture to make a calculated zones. For instance, you could create a reading area by adding an armchair next to a window or a table lamp. And then, you need to also decide what furniture that you really need in your living room, and what furniture that you really need it to be in your living room. Some furniture that at least should be on your living room are sofas that are enough for the seating, side table or coffee table, television, and storages.

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Decide on a living room style 

The next tips of how to design your own living room is determining living room style. Once you have decided the placement of your furniture, you could move the next step which is deciding on a living room style. Your living room styles will depend on several things such as the age of your property, the style of the rest of your rooms, and most importantly, your living room should match your overall styles too. There are some styles that you could consider like simple living room style, modern living room style, traditional living room style and etc. You could be tempted to choose single style living room, but don’t be afraid to mix and match living room style.

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Choose a colour scheme for your living room 

Another tips of how to design your own living room is choosing a colour scheme for your living room. While you are making this decision you need also think about the size and height of the ceiling. When you have a small living room, you could choose lighter colours to make your living room seem larger and brighter. Furthermore, when you have a large living room you could play with more adventurous colours such as bold colours and more striking feature wall. Once you have decided on the main colour of your living room wall, you could proceed to choose one main accent od more to be used in smaller doses. This will give you the chance to add more warmth to such a neutral colour scheme, and also to tone down a bright colour scheme.