Small Bedroom with Mirrors

Top 10 Small Bedroom Ideas – the Best Ideas to Design Your Dream Room

It is tricky but fun to design your dream room where you can spend the end of the day comfortably. There will be a lot of things you should put into consideration so the bedroom will look as perfect as your dream. Paint colors, furniture, decorative items, and room dimension are some of the things you should consider well. By paying attention to every detail, you can create your own bedroom perfectly. Here are the 10 best designs you can apply to your small bedroom.

#1. Minimalist Small Bedroom

Minimalist Small Bedroom
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A minimalist style will be perfect the most for a small bedroom. This will allow you to add extra space to your tiny bedroom simply by paring it down with your favorite decorative items or furniture. You can use your bed as the focal point of the room. For interior design bedroom furniture, you can use contemporary and sleek built-in to provide additional storage to the room. This is one of the best ways you can do to decorate your bedroom and maximize the space available.

#2. Stunning Greenery

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you can decorate it with green plants. You can make room for them to help you clean the air and beautify your bedroom. Just like greenery plants placed on the home goods kitchen table, you can also put a vase on a desk just beside your bed. To optimize the space available, you can also use wall planters. They do not only provide fresh air to your bedroom but also turn it into works of art.

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#3. Comfy and Cool Area Rag

Most of the time, people tend to focus their small bedroom decoration on bedding, furniture, and walls. But, don’t forget to design a room floor plan for your small bedroom. You can place an attractive area rug to your bedroom to create a warm feeling. A cozy rag can also be used to add color to the small room. To make it more stylish, you can play around with the rag’s texture to allow you to get something that will look good and feels smooth on your feet.

#4. Small Bedroom with Mirrors

Small Bedroom with Mirrors
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One of the best decorative items you should put on your small bedroom is mirrors. They will make your small bedroom look bigger than its actual size. Make sure that you place the mirrors in a certain position that can reflect the light from your window. In this way, adding mirrors to your small bedroom is also one of the best ways you can do to get extra natural light to the room. You can also add mirrors when you want to design your own living room with a small space.

#5. Small Bedroom with Bold Wallpapers

Just because you have a tiny bedroom, it doesn’t mean you can apply bold wallpapers to make it more attractive. You can design your dream room and make the bold wallpapers the focal point of it. Don’t worry about making the room looks cluttered and smaller. By using the rightest technique and style – pick up a large-pattern wallpaper pattern – you can create a gorgeous small bedroom. With the stunning instant transformation given, adding bold wallpapers is one of the best ideas for the bedroom you can take.

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#6. Colorful and Chic Throw Pillows

Play with colors! Your home interior design bedroom will look more gorgeous with colorful decorative items added to it. If you have applied all-white designs to your bedroom, adding colors to the room will be a great idea to do. You can use colorful throw pillows to add vibrant to your room. This is one of the best ideas to take since you can mix and match to get as many colors as you wish.

#7. Comfy Corner Bed

How to design my own room effectively if there is only a small space to place your bed and furniture? That might be a question that comes up in your mind when you have to design a small bedroom. Well, it is pretty easy. Just create a corner bed simply by tucking it up against a wall. This will allow you to have a snug and cozy sleeping area in your small bedroom. You can add a two-headboard corner system to avoid a college dorm look.

#8. Small Bedroom with Creative and Cool Nightstands

Small Bedroom with Creative and Cool Nightstands
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Adding chic nightstands will be one of the best bedroom decor ideas with a small space to try. Make sure you find nightstands with the rightest size that will fit the room. You also need to consider the items you are going to place on the furniture pieces when determining the size. The nightstands should also be used to place unexpected items such as a sofa table behind the bed, vintage suitcases, stacks of books, or a slim laptop table. The nightstands will be cool additional storage to your small bedroom.

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#9. Tiny Bedroom with High-Contrast Color Scheme

Applying a high-contrast color scheme is one of the best room design ideas bedroom with a small size you should try. You can try to combine this high-contrast color with white. This combination will create a great impact to your small bedroom. Make sure that you stick with a single bold color and mix it with white to create a dramatic look to the room. You can also apply this high-contrast color scheme on other elements of your bedroom such as rugs, bedding, artwork, wall paint, and more. Some of the color combinations suggested include black and white for a photographic vibe, or navy and white for a nautical look, as well as turquoise and white for a beachy look.

#10. Light and Bright Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Light and Bright Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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White is an excellent choice to design your dream bedroom with a small space. Not only easy to be combined with other colors but white also keeps the room from looking boxed-in or too busy. Applying white color to the room can also be a practical option to make the small bedroom looks larger and elegant. To avoid a bulky look, you can layer your white walls with a different texture. Just add chrome bedside lamps and a patterned throw to make the room more stylish.