Bed Design Ideas

Guides in Choosing a New Style Bed Design

Lots of people do not hesitate when they need a new style bed design. However, a different case happens when it comes to choosing the appropriate design to be applied. Some might end up in confuse. Some others might directly go to a warehouse and wonder if the bed they are targeting fits their bedroom’s size or satisfy their needs.

You can do better than just guessing which bed to purchase. A bed, while it can be the center of attention in your bedroom, undeniably plays an essential role in your life. That is the place you spend around 33% time in your entire days. It is also the place where you recharge your energy after being here and there all day long. Picking up the wrong bed will surely put you in regret.

The bed in your bedroom might not be as explicitly seen as those large sliding doors exterior of your house. Yet, being the center of your activity and a place that reflects your characters, you are to think and consider seriously when it deals with selecting a new design for your bed. If you still get yourself bamboozled of where to start, check the tidbits below.

Bed Design Ideas

Bed Design Ideas
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To choose a new style bed design is to self-question of what you want from your bed. Do you want it to be classic? Or are you a huge fan of that modern-touch design? It starts with you. To enrich your options, here are some best bed design ideas that you can scroll up and down.

1. Naturalist

If you wish to create a Zen atmosphere in your bedroom, then selecting a natural design for your bed is a perfect choice. Wood will stand as the primary material, with no doubt. From the headboard to the platform, all will be dominated by this material. You can also use crates to lift up a simpler and lighter design of your bed. Having a common door or sliding glass door window as the entrance of the room, this design will match them both.

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2. Modern Rustic

Are you looking for a design that is in the middle between modern and conventional? You can give a try to the modern rustic. The faded brown wood platform will enhance the rustic nuance, while the clean cutting edge of the platform will not make the room feels heavy. Whether you want to bring in a shabby-chic or minimalist atmosphere into your room, both will do with modern rustic design.

3. Upholstered Bed

You cannot fail the first impression with an upholstered bed. Not only will it create a luxurious atmosphere, but it also provides you with the ultimate convenience once you lay your body on it. The upholstered bed can be a statement item in your room. Thus, you can keep your money on other decorating stuff.

4. Storage Bed

Investing your money on multi-purpose furniture can save some spaces in your room. A storage bed is one nice example. You can minimize the number of cabinets or bookshelves as there is hidden storage beneath this kind of bed. Both the headboard and the platform can be transformed into storage.

5. Floating Platform Bed

Creating a light atmosphere for your bed can be done by choosing a floating platform bed. This design lets your bed stands out without being rounded with edges. Thus, it will give the spacey feeling toward the bed. This design is suitable for you who opt for a modern minimalist touch.

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Considerations in Choosing a New Style Bed Design

Considerations in Choosing a New Style Bed Design
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Having known which bed design to choose is not the end of the journey. There are some things that you should consider before purchasing your new bed. All of these things are significant. Remember, the bed is not like any other furniture in your home. It releases your tiredness. Therefore, you cannot let yourself choose the wrong one.

1. Size of the Bedroom

When it deals with bed design, the size of your room does matter. You cannot buy a bed that is too big and thus cannot accommodate other essential furniture. It is true that sleeping is the main activity in a bedroom. However, you also need to consider some space for changing clothes, right? Thus, it will be wise for you to take note of your room dimension before choosing a new bed. Do not just guess.

2. Height of the Bed

If you live merely with your partner and have no worry about kids climbing up the bed for some cuddling and snuggling, then the height of the bed is not that important. Yet, living with kids, you have to consider the height to ensure safety. The shortfall of low bed is, somehow, hard for cleaning.

3. Bedroom Theme

You need to make sure the targeted-bed is in line with the theme applied in your room. If you have decided the classic theme, then pick a bed that supports it unless you want to change the whole concept of your room. You can ask for assistance from a professional or ask the seller about the bed that matches your current theme.

4. Your Budget

In the end, it will come to your budget. Define your preference-bed and set your budget first. You can do a simple research in advance to find the best new style bed design that can satisfy not only your taste but also your wallet at the same time.

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Tips for a Perfect Bed Design

Tips for a Perfect Bed Design
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There are some tips to make your perfect bed stands perfectly in your bedroom. The rules are pretty simple. First, try not to put the bed on the same wall as the door in your room, be it a common door or door with sliding window. It will create a full-space room. Putting it on the opposite wall is also not advisable. The light coming from the door will directly hit your eyes and might disturb your resting time when one of you leaves the room.

The second tip deals with bed and window positioning. If it is possible, avoid having the bed directly under the window. You surely do not want to be exposed to the weather when summer strikes out nor when winter starts to come. The burst of natural light might also bother you.

A plan is needed when you want to change the bed in your room. You cannot randomly select the one that is available in the warehouse or in the online stores. There are many things you need to consider in advance to ensure you get the best bed you can have. Choosing a new style bed design is indeed quite tricky!